"Welcome to Parenting Autism" - A letter from God that I am now able to write four years later.

Updated: Mar 13

Dear Sandy and Chris,

Welcome to “Parenting Autism”. I know that you didn’t sign up for this lifetime membership. You were chosen. I also know you are full of questions and that you feel a whirlwind of emotions... And while I cannot give you all of the answers at this time, I can make this promise as it says in Romans 5:4: Patience produces character. Character produces hope.

The autism world is full of beautiful gifts waiting for you once you are ready to receive them. It really is … I promise! I understand that right now you find that hard to believe. You are full of so many feelings …

Surprised that this is autism and not a setback due to Bryce’s brain hemorrhage damage

Lost without a clear written plan to tell you what to do next

Lonely because you don’t think anyone else can understand how you are feeling right now

Anxious because you have been told there is a small window of time to get Bryce the help he so desperately needs

Frustrated because of the massive u