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Podcast Listeners Share 2020 Accomplishments + 2021 Goals

After writing our last blog post with Bryce's Top 25 accomplishments for 2020, we thought it would be nice to invite some of our podcast listeners to share accomplishments of their children, plus goals for the new year.

We can vividly remember having to dig deep at the end of some years to find bright spots of progress that had been overshadowed with difficult behaviors and setbacks. It is so important for parents to take time to stop, reflect, and celebrate progression, no matter how big or small it may seem. Autism lasts for a lifetime in some way, shape, or form. Being able to help our children either jump hurdles or go through the trenches to reach another milestone is nothing to be taken lightly. It. is. hard. work!!

As you read these accomplishments, let's join in the celebration. In our world of autism, a win for one is a win for all - Rejoice! Dance! Shout "Hallelujah"! And let's keep on rockin' with our precious kiddos in 2021!


KINGSTON: Age 5, Lives in Idaho, USA

Kingston exudes creativity and light. He is exceptionally smart, kind, and very stylish. Hearts melt with the things he says and observes.


1. He adjusted without a hitch when he moved to another state.

2. He is doing so well in Kindergarten! He is writing sentences, numbers and even reading sight words.

3. He got invited to his first ever playdate at someone else's house, without mommy!

GOAL FOR 2021:

To read independently and continue working on social skills

PREYE: Age 6, Lives in Lagos, Nigeria

Preye has the loveliest smile ever. When he smiles, the room lights up and fills with joy and hope.


1. He is better at following instructions/directions and asking for help.

2. He is getting better at initiating play with his brother and joining in more with play.

3. He is getting better at expressing his wants.

GOAL for 2021:

Helping him with ways to cope and self regulate

MASON: Age 4, Lives in Florida, USA

Mason is a loving, goofy, and caring boy. He makes you laugh even when you are mad at him. It's definitely hard to stay mad at this one, as he has so much love to offer. His laugh is beyond contagious, especially his laugh when he knows he's up to no good.


1. Recognizing his name and spelling it

2. Becoming more verbal

3. Our biggest one - POTTY TRAINED FULLY!

GOALS for 2021:

1) To use words to help express his feelings instead of aggression, whining, and screaming

2) To be able to withstand a public outing such as the grocery store for 30 minutes without a meltdown

JEFFREY, Age 16, Lives in Ohio, USA

Jeffrey has the biggest heart for others and animals. He always tries to help people when possible. He can also get animals to come to him when no one else can...they must sense his gentle spirit.


1. He got his driver's permit!

2. He was able to stay home during his mother's hospitalization with Grandma cooking/checking on him. He has also been very helpful during his mom's recuperation.

3. He has started having full conversations the last two months after barely speaking most of the year. Although he is verbal, he just hid in his own world.

2021 GOALS:

(1) To expand on his new found love of baking

(2) To get his first job

JAXSON, Age 4, Lives in Wisconsin, USA

Jaxson is very gifted with an amazing memory, counting and reciting songs in English and Hmong. When he misses Mommy, he loves to video chat. He also has an audience with his little brother and loves to teach him everything he knows.


1. He is starting to be more independent on dressing and undressing himself.

2. He is able to tolerate Pediasure which is making a positive difference in OT.

3. He responds well to using a schedule and "first & then" chart.

2021 GOAL:

To be able to start ABA therapy and to be fully potty trained

CHASE, Age 5, Lives in Nevada, USA

Chase loves to be around people. He enjoys laughing and being silly. He's definitely a explorer and loves trying new things. He and his brother, Brice, are both genuinely sweet.


1.He learned all his personal information including his address, phone numbers and relatives proper names.

2.One of the biggest accomplishments was becoming fully potty trained. We were so proud of how quickly he picked it up, because we tried so many times prior.

3. The biggest joy for us to watch was him becoming more independent. He started to want to get his own water, carry his own stuff, do his own laundry and help with Brice when I needed it.

2021 GOAL: To learn the alphabet and numbers without assistance. His parents are working on his educational goals as he becomes older.


BRICE, Age 2, Lives with big brother, Chase, in Nevada, USA (see above)

Brice is the most easy going kiddo around. He goes with the flow and has the funniest facial expressions.


Brice's 2020 accomplishments may seem very small but were actually HUGE!

1. He started to copy (echo) words when his parents worked with him. He's now trying to communicate with words.

2. He's started joining in with fun family activities and would play together. For example...hide and seek. For awhile he never wanted to play together.

3. Over the year he has learned so many pretend play skills.

2021 GOAL:

To follow a simple one-step direction

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