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Parenting Autism: What Do I Want for Mother's Day?

"What do you want for Mother's Day?" - This is the question that Chris has asked me a few times the past couple of weeks as May 12th, 2024 approaches us.

What DO I want for Mother's Day?

After scratching off the traditional answers of dinner, pampering, and jewelry, I have landed on an answer that makes my heart feel happy.

Here's my answer, Babe - I want you to teach our ten-year old son how to celebrate his Mommy on Mother's Day!

  • Teach him the importance of demonstrating love to people in his life. Help him understand WHY we celebrate Mother's Day and the the important role that Mommies have in our lives. Tell him all about Grandma Jean and why you loved your Mommy so much! It's so important that he understands the role that God has given to me as his mother and that he learns to genuinely appreciate me, especially as we inch closer to puberty and his teen years.

  • Visit a store with cash to spend and the mission of purchasing a gift for Mommy within the set price range. Let him choose if he wants to use wrapping paper or a gift bag with tissue. Granted, once he figures out wrapping paper requires more work like cutting paper and using tape, he may choose a gift bag with tissue - but I want this to be another life-skill choice that he learns to make on his own.

  • Take him to a card rack and have him read a few cards before making a choice. Ask him if he understands the message of the cards. If not, explain what the words mean. I want him to understand the importance of choosing the right card to help him express his thoughts.

  • Let him explore flowers at a florist shop. It can be as simple as one flower for the bud vase we have at home. Nothing fancy - I just want to see the colors and shapes that caught his eye after you asked him to choose one for me.

  • When Sunday arrives, I want Bryce to feel the excitement of Mother's Day! His emotions and your emotions will help shape MY emotions that day. The gift of your love and hugs will have more impact on me than a fancy dinner or a piece of jewelry. Knowing that you got to have an awesome father-son experience that revolved around your love and appreciation for me is THE BEST GIFT I could receive!

And now after writing this, I am officially excited about Mother's Day and looking forward to seeing and hearing all about it on Sunday! ☺

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