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Bryce's Top 25 Accomplishments of 2019

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

At the end of every year, Mommy writes down 25 accomplishments to help her look back on all the good things that happened before rolling into the next year. She has watched me work hard and learn so many things this year - She thought I should share my accomplishments from 2019, so you can celebrate with me!

1. I graduated from TWO schools this year! I graduated from VPK at All Villages Christian School AND the ESE VPK at Windmill Point Elementary.

2. I am sleeping all by myself in my Thomas the Train bed – ALL NIGHT! Daddy put a cool nightlight on Thomas’ engine which helps me not be afraid when it’s really, really dark.

3. I began eating more veggies, meats, and fruits and eating less dairy and gluten. Daddy says I have a better food palette now, whatever that means.

4. I am now able to independently feed myself hot dogs with a fork and my favorite dairy-free yogurt with a spoon.

5. I learned how to play with friends at school – Mommy says I still need to learn how to give them their personal space, but at least I WANT to play with them!

6. I am learning how to wash myself in the bathtub and shower all by myself with the loofah and soap bubbles. Not quite independently, but I think I heard Mommy & Daddy say that’s a goal when I turn seven next year.

7. I rode TEN different rides at Mickey’s World (The Magic Kingdom) and hugged all my Disney character friends. Thunder Mountain Railroad was too loud for me. I don’t think I want to ride roller coasters again for awhile.

8. I operated a BIG bulldozer and BIG crane with the help of a professional construction crew on a construction site – It was AWESOME!!

9. I drove go-karts all by myself on a big, round track! I love to drive video game cars, too - But driving real cars super fast is super duper cool.

10. I got to visit a control tower at an airport and learn how the pilots land their airplanes. It was so much fun watching the planes take off and land on the runways. I love to virtually fly planes on my videos games.

11. I flew on eight different airplanes and gave all of the pilots “high-fives”. I like to sit by the window and see the clouds and the land.

12. I visited the Kennedy Space Center and fell in love with NASA + all things outer space. I was able to tell Mommy and Daddy that I want to be an astronaut when I am 22 years old.

13. I visited three train museums this year and got to go inside large “steamy” engines, train cars, and the caboose. I love trains, especially the Polar Express.

14. I rode my bicycle (with training wheels) in a bike-a-thon and raised money for the children at St. Jude’s Hospital.

15. I rode in Mr. Gil’s boat on the river in Canada. It was my first time inside a little boat and so much fun. The engine was really loud, but it didn’t really bother me. I told Daddy that it was kind of like a go-kart.

16. I went to the fair and discovered my favorite ride: The Ferris Wheel! I rode the little one and the big one at the fair lots of times. I also got to ride a REALLY big one in Atlanta, Georgia and another one at the summer fair in Canada.

17. I started Occupational Therapy at the gym again in September. It was really hard for me to ride on the swing at first. It made me cry … a lot … but now I fly on it like Superman!

18. I am now going to private Speech Therapy three times each week and doing a great job using all of my words in sentences! I am still not “conversational”, but I definitely have a much larger vocabulary now than I did in January when the year began.

19. I started ABA (behavior) Therapy again in October. I work really hard six days a week to earn tokens for rewards - like zip lining in my back yard for three minutes! I am learning about emotions and can tell Mommy and Daddy if I am happy, sad, angry, or scared.

20. I began Equine (horse) Therapy in December and did a great job walking and brushing the horse. I am excited to be able to do this in 2020!

21. I was very brave and went to Kindergarten in a public school classroom for six weeks, even though the alarm drills really scared me. I needed too much assistance to stay in that classroom, so I now have a new teacher. I transitioned into Daddy School like a rock star! Daddy is the best teacher ever!! I can now read books, and I love to do math. I have learned A LOT this year!

22. I was able to independently tell Mommy, Daddy, and Auntie Sue “I love you”. I only did it a couple of times - but I know they were happy I was able to do it. Maybe I will be able to say it more often next year … If not, I will keep showing them with my hugs and kisses!

23. I learned how to how to do soccer drills, play with opponents, and kick the ball into the goal. It’s kind of like Special Olympics. I can run on the field and learn how to play in a safe environment.

24. I helped Mr. Brian and Daddy pick up trash for God at our church on Tuesdays until Mr. Brian moved to Tennessee. It was fun riding around on the golf cart and cleaning up.

25. I understood Christmas much more this year. I know it’s Jesus’ birthday. I also learned about the elves making toys at the North Pole with Santa when I watched the Polar Express movie … every day … sometimes twice … in November and December. This year, I asked Santa for dominos and listened to his heartbeat with my stethoscope while I sat on his lap.

- Bryce

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