When your child doesn't know how to blow their nose...

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

When your kiddo gets sick, it's never a fun time - especially if they have autism. With limited communication, nothing seems to work to help them feel better. We learned early on that Bryce got severe congestion whenever he was sick. Couple that with an asthma diagnosis, and you have a potential disaster. We discovered Bryce's asthma at age three after persistent coughing at bedtime and after physical activities. At first, we thought he was just constantly sick, and then later later received his asthma diagnosis. Word of advice: If you suspect your child has asthma, get them checked out right away. It can be life threatening.

The nasal aspirator bulb. We've all seen it. Does it work? Well, sort of. Like many people who receive one for a shower gift, we would suck out the crud with the bulb. As he grew older, he would have more and more congestion - the bulb wasn't cutting it anymore. At some point, I saw a news report about how mold could collect inside of it. That was a real turn off.

Next up was the Nosefrida snot sucker. The concept here is you put one end in your child's nose with the other end in your mouth as you suck on it! I know parents who swear by it - And I agree that it sounded like a good concept ... until the snot got past the filter and into my mouth. Yes, it was disgusting! Game over for that aspirator! Next!