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Diving Deeper Into Behavior Function with this super helpful worksheet!

In this post we are focusing on finding out why behaviors occur. As we’ve said in the past, every behavior has a function or purpose. Our kiddos don’t run around screaming and destroying things just because they feel like it. There is more to it than that. If you read our prior post about behaviors, you’ll have a great idea about what precedes them, and why that is important.

The Questions About Behavioral Function (QABF) worksheet focuses more on the “why” behind behaviors. Once you tally up the scores at the bottom, you should be able to clearly see what function the behavior is being used for. The highest number is considered the strongest indicator for the particular function.

“Until we know the function of the person’s behavior, we cannot design appropriate interventions to make the problem behavior irrelevant, inefficient, and ineffective for the person. -Gena P. Barnhill

This worksheet will provide helpful insights to behaviors for you and your ABA Tech. Go to our Resources Page, and download it today!

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