Bryce's 25 Top Accomplishments 2020

It's that time of year where my Mommy starts to reflect on all of the GOOD things that have happened in the past year, not the bad things. She says that this helps her enter into the new year with hope and new ideas for helping me. She thought it might be helpful to other families to see how much I have learned and progressed the past twelve months. She also said that some of my behaviors are like boomerangs. What does that even mean?! Oh - the

behavior leaves and then comes back... Oopsie! I can't help it! I will just keep doing my best

with help from everyone on Team Bryce who help me every day on this autism journey.

1. I finished Kindergarten in Daddy School and have been rockin' 1st grade! I already finished 1st grade Science and asked Daddy for more, so we will start 2nd grade Science in January. Yay!

2. I learned to read sentences and books this year, not just sight words! I love to get books from the library. I visited Barnes & Noble for the first time this month. Wow! It was such a cool place. I got to pick out new Christmas books to read each night.

3. I learned to TALK in sentences this year!! I think reading books, plus the help of my speech therapists, really helped me meet that goal. And I talk a lot! I pretty much say whatever I am thinking about which can confuse people - But, hey! I have so much inside of my brain that just needs to come out of me. Most of the time, people can figure out what I mean. ☺

4. I learned to ride my bicycle WITHOUT training wheels! It is REALLY fun!

5. I overcame my fear of live instruments thanks to my music therapy with Mr. Tom and Miss Liz. I loved to listen to Miss Liz play her guitar and sing to me. It made me very calm. She's helping other people now, so I don't see her anymore - BUT I still have my music therapy with Mr. Tom every Saturday. He has helped me learn to play all kinds of instruments like acoustic guitar, electric guitar, different kinds of drums, cymbals, keyboard, free note, and more. It's awesome! We also write songs about things I like and record them. He said he is making me a DVD of my music. How cool is that?!

6. This year, I learned how to ride in the saddle on Rio, a tall retired race horse! My equine therapy at Harmony Hope Ranch has also helped my be less anxious and nervous.