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ABOUT the Parenting autism show

We are proud parents of a wonderful boy who has autism. Bryce's life did not start out with autism; however, it did start with an unexplained grade four brain hemorrhage (stroke) on the day after he was born. He miraculously developed MUCH better than the grim projections we were given at that time. He was hitting milestones on time and had a large vocabulary of single words. He also identified letters and spelled words before he turned two! We weaned him off seizure medication and thought we were crossing the finish line as we celebrated his second birthday.  Soon after, it became apparent to Sandy that something was off with delayed language and odd behaviors. Our autism journey began when he was diagnosed in April 2016 at age two and a half. Since then, we have been learning every step of the way and do our best to live our lives out loud to help others learn more about autism, too.

Bryce is our sunshine, our miracle, our legacy. Please join us, as we invite you into our world on the spectrum through the Parenting Autism Show. We hope you're able to glean helpful information, while you enjoy this journey with us.

Bryce in a family picture

Our bryce

Baby Bryce
NICU Bryce
NICU Bryce
Bryce being transported
Holding Bryce
Daddy and Bryce
Mommy and Bryce
Family picture
Bryce and guitar
Bryce and bicycle
Bryce and mommy
Bryce in the sprinkler
Bryce and car
Bryce with fall leaves
Family picture
Bryce with a steam train
Bryce swimming lesson
Chef Bryce
Bryce EEG
Bryce with neurologist
Bryce smiling
Bryce with soccer ball
Bryce and daddy go karts
Bryce excavator
Bryce in the bull dozer
Bryce at the magic kingdom
Bryce in space suit
Bryce and Santa Claus


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